What we do

We connect designers with an equal love for design and technology to those who believe that jewellery should bring out the beauty of new possibilities.

Generative Design

Generative design is a way of using computers creatively and not as mere tools of human imagination. Generative design while being inspired by natural design processes is developing to be capable enough to support designers in design exploration - in extending their imagination and enabling them to explore more design possibilities from which our customers can select.

NOTE : The generative design software we use is Genoform and the technology is licensed from Genometri Ltd.

3D Printing

3D printing is a way of creating real world objects out of digital models using what is called additive manufacturing. This not only makes it possible to create geometrically complex designs, but also makes it economicaly viable to create the product of one. This technology is developing rapidly. You may learn more about it.

NOTE : We do not 3D print our seleves. We currently use Shapeways a 3D printing company that will print and ship the designs directly to our customers.

Designers define our brand

Generative Designers are rare and they are central to our value proposition. We provide them an opportunity to create unique one off designs and provide them with a significant portion of revenue share. They have total freedom and control over their designs.  They create the diversity in design that we are proud of.

Our designers

Each design is selected by the designer personally from what is generated and modified to ensure it carries the aesthetic value that the designer is associated with.

Unique value

We bring new value to articles that mass manufacturing cannot. Each design is an expression of personal taste of both the designer and the buyer. What you buy lies in the intersection of the designer and your aesthetic sphere. It is different to all others and in that we believe - it has value.

How it all works

We explain here how we make it work

How it works


This post-industrial project launched by Krish Murga (US) Sivam Krish (Australia) and Jian You Li (Taiwan) with many more global collaborators.

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